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With Sky Plan Management, optimize your NDIS funding through our highly responsive and personalised plan management service in Melton. Get the best out of your NDIS plan in Melton.

Quick and accurate payments to your providers
No Cost to You
Assistance from passionate NDIS specialists
Keep up to date with your NDIS plan with real time access to your balances

What does an NDIS Plan Manager do?

NDIS plan managers take the stress out of managing plan budgets for NDIS participants, enabling them to efficiently manage their NDIS funds and make the most out of their NDIS Plan. With the support of a Sky NDIS plan manager in Melton, payments to your providers are quick and accurate, you have access to your own online budget Dashboard where you can also view and approve invoices before we process them. Sky NDIS plan management Melton offers a second to none responsive service that takes into account your individual circumstances.

Sky Plan Management

What is NDIS Plan management?

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Sky NDIS plan management Melton will provide you with peace of mind in the knowledge that your NDIS plan is the hands of experts.

Our NDIS plan managers in Melton will provide you with:

  • Monthly statements with information on expenditure to date and your budget balances.
  • Access to your own user-friendly budget Dashboard that provides you with real time information on your NDIS funds balances.
  • Empowerment through the ability to view and approve all invoices we upload before we process them.
  • A highly responsive and personalised service that responds to your queries within 24 hours.
  • Quick and accurate payments to your providers (within 2 business days).
  • An online ordering service (conditions apply).

Why choose Sky Plan Management?

Invoice | Sky Plan Management

In most cases we pay provider invoices within 2 business days from receipt.

This ensures continuity of service for you and up to date information on your budget expenditure.

Invoice | Sky Plan Management
Dollars | Sky Plan Management

The fees we charge for Plan Management are specifically funded in your NDIS plan and don’t come out of any other budgets within your plan.

No hidden fees | Sky Plan Management
Expert | Sky Plan Management

At Sky, our business is solely NDIS Plan Management.

That means 100% of our resources, time, energy and passion is dedicated to providing you with premium plan management services.

Our friendly team of experts is always available to answer your questions and support you along the way.

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A person centred approach | Sky Plan Management

We understand that there’s not a one size fits all approach to providing plan management.

Your unique circumstances are always taken into consideration when providing you with advice and support.

A person centred approach | Sky Plan Management
Graph | Sky Plan Management
  • Our user-friendly Budget Dashboard is accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop computer. Your budgets, balances and expenditure are all easily accessible. Past invoices can be viewed and downloaded.
  • Our dashboard also provides you the option to view and approve invoices before we process them. You’ll receive an email notification that there are invoices awaiting your approval in the dashboard.
  • We also have a document holding facility in the dashboard that securely stores any important documents such as your NDIS Plan, agreements and letters of recommendation. These documents can be accessed and downloaded at any time.
  • With your permission, your dashboard is also accessible by your Support Coordinator or key worker that will provide them with the up-to-date information they need to ensure they can provide you with the best support possible.
Home | Sky Plan Management
Home | Sky Plan Management
  • You’ll receive a monthly statement that provides all the information on your budget balances and expenditure.
  • We also reach out regularly via telephone to alert you to any over or under spend during the life of your NDIS plan.
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Home | Sky Plan Management

We can assist you with working out the number of hours per week you can access under each funding category.

Home | Sky Plan Management
Home | Sky Plan Management
  • Need to purchase something online but don’t have the funds upfront?
  • We can place orders online for you and claim the funds back from your NDIS plan
  • Conditions apply
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Whichever State or Territory you reside in, we can service you.

How Do I Apply For NDIS?


Eligibility Checklist

The first step in applying for the NDIS is to check that you fit the basic eligibility criteria.  Find out more at https://www.ndis.gov.au/applying-access-ndis/am-i-eligible


Making an access request

Once you have confirm you fit the initial eligibility requirements, the next step is to apply for an access request. To find out what’s involved with this, visit



Gathering Your Supporting Information

When applying for NDIS in Melton or anywhere in Australia, you need to submit all the corresponding documents including proof of your name, age, residence, and medical reports. It’s important to provide as much information as possible from your health professionals.


Application Success and the Planning Meeting

Once your application is approved by the NDIS, they will arrange a planning meeting with you to discuss your needs and create a plan accordingly. It’s at this meeting where you can request an NDIS plan manager as part of your funding.

How do our NDIS plan managers in Melton help you?

The services that Sky NDIS plan management Melton offer are aimed at providing you an efficient and personalised service while offering you the empowerment to have complete control over your NDIS plan.

As your NDIS plan managers in Melton, we offer holistic assistance that includes:

  • Cost-free budget assistance.
  • Quick and accurate payments to your providers.
  • Regular budget updates via statements and access to your own online budget Dashboard.
  • The ability to view and approve all invoices before we process them.
  • When you call Sky, you don’t get a call centre operator.  We respond to your queries whether via email or phone quickly.
Frequently Asked Questions | NDIS Plan management Victoria

FAQs about NDIS plan management in Melton

At a minimum, your NDIS plan manager should send you a monthly statement advising you of your funding balances.  At Sky, we do this and more.  You have real time access to your funding balances via our user-friendly Dashboard.  We also alert you via email or phone when your funds are getting low or if you are underspending in any areas.

Connecting with the right NDIS provider in Melton is essential for the efficient management of your NDIS fund. You can find and connect with NDIS managers in Melton through:

1. You can directly contact your local area coordinator or support coordinator for leads.
2. You can access the Provider Finder Tool on NDIS my place participant portal or simply Google search for an NDIS plan manager in Melton.

But being one of the best NDIS plan managers in Melton, your search doesn’t have to go anywhere further than here. Click on the Join Now button at the top of our website or call us for a chat on 1300 103 787.

NDIS plan managers in Melton or anywhere else in Australia are advised by the NDIS to process invoice payments within 5 business days.  At Sky Plan Management, we process invoices within 2 business days.

Your NDIS plan managers are not supposed to decide which services you should access. Their role is to ensure that you have the necessary funds available to access services and guide you on what expenditure is permitted under the NDIS.

Reliable NDIS Plan Management in Melton

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