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With Sky Plan Management, optimize your NDIS funding through a highly responsive and personalised NDIS plan management Melbourne service that enables you to maximize the benefits of your NDIS plan in Melbourne.

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What does an NDIS Plan Manager In Melbourne do?

NDIS plan managers offer financial services under the NDIS that helps ensure the funds allocated to NDIS participants are optimized to their maximum. While offering budget tracking assistance, they act as a financial intermediary between the service provider, the NDIS, and the participant by paying the bills on the participant’s behalf and ensuring the services claimed are in line with the NDIS price guidelines. As a provider offering NDIS Plan Management Melbourne, we provide a highly responsive, personalised and efficient service that takes all of the hassle out of managing your NDIS funds. We pay providers quickly, keep you constantly updated on your NDIS plan budget through monthly statements and our user friendly online Dashboard that provides you real time information on your NDIS expenditure and balances. Our response time to your queries, whether it be via email or phone is super quick so you can rest assured that as your NDIS plan manager in Melbourne there is always an expert at hand to help you navigate your NDIS funding.

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What is NDIS Plan management?

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The NDIS is designed to provide participants with funding they can utilise to access services and technology aimed at improving their quality of life and help them achieve their goals. The NDIS in Melbourne will allocate you funding and then it’s up to you to decide which services best suit your needs, giving you choice and control over how you spend your NDIS fund. The role of an NDIS plan manager is to guide you on what is allowable under the rules of NDIS expenditure and help you make the most of your NDIS plan.

Our NDIS plan managers in Melbourne are experts in both finance and the NDIS.  We are here to ensure you keep on top of your NDIS budget, pay your providers quickly, keep accurate records and provide you with a highly responsive service for all of your NDIS related queries. By opting for our NDIS plan management Melbourne you can rest assured that your NDIS journey will be hassle free and we’ll provide you with peace of mind knowing that your funding is being managed by a team of friendly experts.

Why choose Sky Plan Management Melbourne?

Invoice | Sky Plan Management

In most cases we pay provider invoices within 2 business days from receipt.

This ensures continuity of service for you and up to date information on your budget expenditure.

Invoice | Sky Plan Management
Dollars | Sky Plan Management

The fees we charge for Plan Management are specifically funded in your NDIS plan and don’t come out of any other budgets within your plan.

No hidden fees | Sky Plan Management
Expert | Sky Plan Management

At Sky, our business is solely NDIS Plan Management.

That means 100% of our resources, time, energy and passion is dedicated to providing you with premium plan management services.

Our friendly team of experts is always available to answer your questions and support you along the way.

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A person centred approach | Sky Plan Management

We understand that there’s not a one size fits all approach to providing plan management.

Your unique circumstances are always taken into consideration when providing you with advice and support.

A person centred approach | Sky Plan Management
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  • Our user-friendly Budget Dashboard is accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop computer. Your budgets, balances and expenditure are all easily accessible. Past invoices can be viewed and downloaded.
  • Our dashboard also provides you the option to view and approve invoices before we process them. You’ll receive an email notification that there are invoices awaiting your approval in the dashboard.
  • We also have a document holding facility in the dashboard that securely stores any important documents such as your NDIS Plan, agreements and letters of recommendation. These documents can be accessed and downloaded at any time.
  • With your permission, your dashboard is also accessible by your Support Coordinator or key worker that will provide them with the up-to-date information they need to ensure they can provide you with the best support possible.
Home | Sky Plan Management
Home | Sky Plan Management
  • You’ll receive a monthly statement that provides all the information on your budget balances and expenditure.
  • We also reach out regularly via telephone to alert you to any over or under spend during the life of your NDIS plan.
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Home | Sky Plan Management

We can assist you with working out the number of hours per week you can access under each funding category.

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Home | Sky Plan Management
  • Need to purchase something online but don’t have the funds upfront?
  • We can place orders online for you and claim the funds back from your NDIS plan
  • Conditions apply
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Whichever State or Territory you reside in, we can service you.

How Do I Apply For NDIS?


Eligibility Checklist

You start your NDIS application by going through the initial eligibility checklist.  This covers things such as your Australian citizenship and the level of your disability.  Details can be found at https://www.ndis.gov.au/applying-access-ndis/am-i-eligible


Making an access request

After checking the initial eligibility requirements you need to make an access request to the NDIA. There are several ways to make an access request, so, you can choose the one that seems the most convenient to you. You can opt for a verbal access request, request it be mailed to you, or complete it online. For more details, you can visit https://www.ndis.gov.au/how-apply-ndis/what-access-request-form


Gathering Your Supporting Information

The verification of your supporting documents is how the NDIS in Melbourne assess whether you are eligible for the scheme. Once you make the access request you will be contacted by an NDIS representative and be required to submit further evidence of your eligibility.  This will include proof of name, age, nationality, and medical reports corresponding to your disability. It’s important to provide as much information as you can.


Application Success and the Planning Meeting

Once you successfully submit your application and it gets approved by the NDIS, a planning meeting will be set up. At this meeting you can choose how your plan funding will be set up.  If you would like to opt for plan management and/or support coordination, it’s important to request this at your planning meeting.  If you would like to chat about this process, call the best plan managers in Melbourne at Sky on 1300 103 787.

How do our NDIS plan managers in Melbourne help you?

We don’t call ourselves the best NDIS plan management in Melbourne, Victoria for no reason.  Our service is highly responsive and takes into account your individual circumstances. Your journey as an NDIS participant in Melbourne begins with ensuring you select a plan manager that will provide you with a comprehensive service.

Our assistance covers:

  • Cost-free budget assistance.
  • Quick turnaround of invoice payments.
  • Sending you a monthly budget statement.
  • Providing you with access to real time information on your budgets and expenditure through our user-friendly Dashboard.
  • You can opt into our invoice approval system that allows you to view and approve all invoices before we process them.
Frequently Asked Questions | NDIS Plan management Victoria

FAQs about NDIS plan management Melbourne

You can find and connect with NDIS managers In Melbourne through:

1. Your local area coordinator or support coordinator.

2. The Provider Finder Tool on the NDIS website.

3. Google search for Plan Managers in Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best NDIS plan managers in Melbourne.  Call us today on 1300 103 787 or click on the Join Now button at the top of our website.

Choice and control under the NDIS means you can opt to change your NDIS Plan Manager during the life of your NDIS plan at any time.  If you’d like to find out more, call us on 1300 103 787 or email us at info@skyplanmanagement.com.au

As a minimum, your Plan Manager should send you a monthly budget statement that provides information on your budget balances and the invoices that have been processed to date.  At Sky Plan Management, we provide this along with access to our real time budget Dashboard so you can check your balances at any time.  If we have any concerns about how your budget is progressing, we’ll touch base via telephone as well.

Your NDIS plan management in Melbourne is paid for by a specific set of funding included in your NDIS plan that covers plan management services.  No other funding in your plan is affected and there is no personal cost to you.

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NDIS Plan Management Melbourne

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