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Get greater control over your NDIS funds and make the most out of your NDIS plan in Whyalla with highly personalised plan management solutions from the team of experts at Sky Plan Management.

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What does an NDIS Plan Manager do?

Managing every aspect of your NDIS plan can be exhausting and time-consuming. Hence, most NDIS participants nowadays seek to work with NDIS plan management services in Whyalla. Plan managers are professionals who are well-versed in managing finances and the NDIS. They are committed to helping participants manage their allocated funds, navigate the different funding categories, maintain records of all savings, keep track of any overspending or underspending, make timely payments to support providers, and much more.

At Sky Plan Management, we work with highly experienced NDIS plan management experts in Whyalla to help our participants manage their allocated funds, keep them informed of their spending, and provide real-time updates on how their funds are utilised. So, connect with us to learn about our plan management services and how we can assist you in managing your finances so you can make the most out of your NDIS journey.

  • Fast and efficient payments
  • No additional costs for you
  • Consistent support & assistance from the best NDIS plan managers in your area
  • Optimising your support plan to help you make the most of your NDIS
Sky Plan Management

What is NDIS Plan management?

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When you sign up for our plan management services in Whyalla, you gain access to multiple benefits that include:

  • Prompt and accurate payments to your service providers within 2 business days
  • Access to a personalised budget dashboard
  • The option to grant access to your Dashboard to key workers or plan nominees
  • The ability to review and approve invoices before they are processed (if desired)
  • Responsive and highly customisable services from your plan manager
  • An online space where you can purchase all items covered by your NDIS plan

As one of the most trustworthy NDIS plan management services in Whyalla, we take great pride in working with our participants to help ease their NDIS journey. So, sign up for highly efficient, prompt and effective NDIS plan management services in Whyalla. Click on the “Join Now” button to get started, or call us at 0431 749 895 or drop an email at info@skyplanmanagement.com.au to learn more about our services.

Why choose Sky Plan Management For NDIS Plan Management In Victoria?

Invoice | Sky Plan Management

In most cases we pay provider invoices within 2 business days from receipt.

This ensures continuity of service for you and up to date information on your budget expenditure.

Invoice | Sky Plan Management
Dollars | Sky Plan Management

The fees we charge for Plan Management are specifically funded in your NDIS plan and don’t come out of any other budgets within your plan.

No hidden fees | Sky Plan Management
Expert | Sky Plan Management

At Sky, our business is solely NDIS Plan Management.

That means 100% of our resources, time, energy and passion is dedicated to providing you with premium plan management services.

Our friendly team of experts is always available to answer your questions and support you along the way.

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A person centred approach | Sky Plan Management

We understand that there’s not a one size fits all approach to providing plan management.

Your unique circumstances are always taken into consideration when providing you with advice and support.

A person centred approach | Sky Plan Management
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  • Our user-friendly Budget Dashboard is accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop computer. Your budgets, balances and expenditure are all easily accessible. Past invoices can be viewed and downloaded.
  • Our dashboard also provides you the option to view and approve invoices before we process them. You’ll receive an email notification that there are invoices awaiting your approval in the dashboard.
  • We also have a document holding facility in the dashboard that securely stores any important documents such as your NDIS Plan, agreements and letters of recommendation. These documents can be accessed and downloaded at any time.
  • With your permission, your dashboard is also accessible by your Support Coordinator or key worker that will provide them with the up-to-date information they need to ensure they can provide you with the best support possible.
Home | Sky Plan Management
Home | Sky Plan Management
  • You’ll receive a monthly statement that provides all the information on your budget balances and expenditure.
  • We also reach out regularly via telephone to alert you to any over or under spend during the life of your NDIS plan.
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Home | Sky Plan Management

We can assist you with working out the number of hours per week you can access under each funding category.

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Home | Sky Plan Management
  • Need to purchase something online but don’t have the funds upfront?
  • We can place orders online for you and claim the funds back from your NDIS plan
  • Conditions apply
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Whichever State or Territory you reside in, we can service you.

How Do I Apply For NDIS?


Eligibility Checklist

Before you start your application process, you must first check whether you satisfy every aspect of the eligibility checklist, as specified by the NDIS. You can learn about the initial eligibility requirement for the NDIS application process only at


Making an Access Request

After ensuring you satisfy all the eligibility criteria, the next step in your application process is to submit an official access request. You can submit your request online via a call or postal mail. You can find more information about filing an access request at


Gathering Your Support Information

The next step is to collect all information that supports your eligibility for NDIS. Some documents you must provide include proof of your citizenship, name, age, and medical evidence related to the nature and degree of your disability. Learn more about the type of supporting documents you must provide at


Application Success and the Planning Meeting

Once your application is approved, someone from the NDIS will invite you to a planning meeting. During this meeting, you will discuss your goals and the type of support you will need to help draft your NDIS plan. Find out more about the planning process at

How Do Our NDIS Plan Managers in Whyalla Help You?

As one of the best NDIS plan managers in Whyalla, we are committed to ensuring your NDIS journey is hassle-free and seamless.

So, we provide a range of highly customisable NDIS plan management services based on the type of assistance you need from us. From connecting you with experienced NDIS providers in South Whyalla and helping you with timely bill payments to keeping track of your expenses to avoid any overspending or underspending, we do it all for you.

At Sky Plan Management, we understand the importance of prompt and efficient services; hence we always put the needs of our participants at the centre of all our operations. So, if you have a problem, our NDIS plan management experts in Whyalla are just one phone call away from resolving them.

Opt for Highly Customised NDIS Plan Management Services in Whyalla that Covers:

  • Comprehensive budget management services at no extra cost to you.
  • Prompt and secure payments for your service providers.
  • A monthly statement detailing your expenditures and budget balance.
  • Real-time access to our budget DashboardDashboard so that you can stay on top of your NDIS budget & expenditure.
  • An online space where you can purchase all products approved under the NDIS.
  • The choice to view and approve all your bills before we process the payments.
Frequently Asked Questions | NDIS Plan management Victoria

FAQs about NDIS Plan Management in Whyalla

A support coordinator assists participants in finding and coordinating disability-related services and supports. On the other hand, NDIS plan management providers are responsible for managing the participant’s NDIS funding and paying invoices to service providers.

At Sky Plan Management, we offer NDIS plan management services at no extra cost. Here, the NDIS pays your plan manager out of your allocated NDIS funding. The NDIS determines the amount allocated for your plan management services depending on your NDIS plan and is separate from the funding for support services.

No, you can only have one plan manager at a time. However, depending on your choices and circumstances, you can self-manage some of your funding while having a plan manager for other areas.

You can choose a registered plan manager from the NDIS Provider Finder or ask for recommendations from your support coordinator, service providers or other NDIS participants in South Whyalla. You can also connect with our NDIS plan management experts in Whyalla via call or email to discuss your plan management needs.

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