What is NDIS Plan Management? All You Need to Know!

NDIS Plan Management is an integral part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia. It offers participants the tools and support they need to effectively manage their NDIS funds, enabling them to access the services and supports necessary to enhance their well-being. In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into the key aspects of NDIS Plan Management and take you through everything you need to know about NDIS plan management. By understanding these important details, participants can make informed decisions about NDIS Plan Management and maximise their benefits within the NDIS framework. Let’s start with the question: what is NDIS plan management?

What is NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS Plan Management is a service provided under the NDIS that assists participants in managing their NDIS funds. It offers support and guidance in financial matters related to the NDIS plan, including budgeting, payment processing, and record keeping. The primary goal of NDIS Plan Management is to enhance the flexibility and choice of participants by providing them with the freedom to select and engage their preferred service providers. NDIS Plan Management offers several advantages to participants. It simplifies the financial aspects of the NDIS by handling the administrative burden, allowing participants to focus on their goals and support needs. Once you avail of NDIS financial plan management an expert will take care of all your budgeting and funding-related needs so that you can freely focus on other aspects of your plan.

NDIS Plan Management Options

NDIS Plan Management offers participants different options for managing their NDIS funds. Let’s delve into each NDIS management option in more detail:


Self-Management provides participants with the highest level of control and flexibility over their NDIS funds. With this NDIS management option, participants take on the responsibility of managing their funds, including budgeting, paying service providers, and keeping records. They have the freedom to choose their providers, negotiate prices, and determine the timing and frequency of supports. Self-management empowers participants to tailor their supports according to their specific needs and preferences. It requires active engagement and organisational skills, as participants need to maintain financial records and ensure compliance with NDIS guidelines.

Plan Management

Plan Management allows participants to enlist the services of a registered NDIS Plan Management provider to handle the financial aspects of their NDIS plan. The NDIS registered plan management provider takes care of payment processing, budget management, and record-keeping on behalf of the participant. Participants maintain control over their supports, including selecting service providers, while the Plan Management provider manages the administrative and financial tasks.


In the Agency-Managed option, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manages the participant’s NDIS funds directly. The NDIA pays the service providers on behalf of the participant, based on the approved budget in their NDIS plan. Participants still have the freedom to choose their service providers, but the administrative tasks, such as payment processing and record-keeping, are handled by the NDIA.

Services Provided by a Registered NDIS Plan Management Provider

A registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan Management Provider offers a range of services to support NDIS participants in managing their NDIS plans. Here are some of the services typically provided by a registered NDIS Plan Management Provider:

  • Financial Management: The provider assists with the financial management of the NDIS plan, including budgeting, expense tracking, and payment processing. They can handle invoices from service providers, pay them on behalf of the participant, and ensure compliance with NDIS guidelines and funding rules.
  • Plan Monitoring: The provider monitors the participant’s NDIS plan to ensure that the allocated funds are being utilised appropriately and effectively. They can help track spending against budget and provide regular reports to the participant on the plan’s progress.
  • Payment Processing: The provider manages payments to service providers on behalf of the participant. They handle the administrative tasks associated with payment processing, such as receiving and verifying invoices, making payments, and maintaining accurate financial records.
  • Support and Advice: NDIS Plan Management Providers offer support and advice to participants regarding their NDIS plans. They can explain funding options, assist with plan reviews and changes, and provide guidance on maximising plan benefits and accessing appropriate services and supports.
  • Record Keeping: The provider maintains accurate and up-to-date records of financial transactions related to the NDIS plan. This includes documenting invoices, payments, and any other financial information relevant to the plan management.
  • Reporting and Compliance: NDIS Plan Management Providers generate reports on plan expenditure, financial statements, and other required documentation for compliance purposes. They ensure that all financial transactions align with NDIS guidelines and funding rules.
  • Capacity Building: A registered plan management provider will offer capacity building support to participants, empowering them to develop financial management skills and improve their understanding of the NDIS funding process. This can include providing educational resources, training, and workshops.

NDIS Plan Management Rules

NDIS Plan Management is governed by a set of rules and guidelines to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective financial management within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Here are some key NDIS plan management rules:

NDIS Price Guide

The NDIS Price Guide sets out the price limits and rules for claiming supports under the NDIS. It provides detailed information on the funding levels for different support categories, including NDIS Plan Management. The Price Guide outlines the maximum fees that NDIS Plan Management providers can charge participants for their services.

Financial Accountability

NDIS Plan Management providers are required to maintain accurate financial records and provide participants with regular statements. These statements should clearly show the funds received, payments made to service providers, and the remaining balance. Participants have the right to request these statements and access their financial records at any time.

Participant Choice and Control

NDIS Plan Management is designed to give participants choice and control over their supports. Participants have the right to choose their NDIS Plan Management provider and can change providers if desired. They also have the freedom to select their preferred service providers and negotiate prices for the supports they receive.

Record-Keeping Requirements

Both participants and NDIS Plan Management providers must maintain appropriate records to demonstrate the proper use of NDIS funds. This includes keeping invoices, receipts, and other financial documentation as evidence of payments made and services received. Good record-keeping ensures transparency and facilitates audits or reviews if necessary.

Compliance with NDIS Guidelines

NDIS Plan Management providers must adhere to the guidelines and policies set by the NDIA. This includes following the NDIS Code of Conduct, maintaining confidentiality and privacy of participant information, and delivering services in a safe and respectful manner.

Continuity of Supports

Participants can rely on NDIS Plan Management providers to ensure the continuity of their supports. Providers should have systems and processes in place to handle changes in participants’ circumstances, such as updates to their NDIS plans or adjustments to budgets.


NDIS Plan Management is a valuable service that empowers NDIS participants to take control of their funds and access the supports they need to enhance their lives. By understanding everything there is to know about NDIS plan management, participants can make informed decisions about their plan management approach. Whether choosing self-management, plan management, or agency-managed options, participants can maximise the benefits of NDIS Plan Management and navigate the financial aspects of the NDIS more effectively, leading to greater independence and improved outcomes within the scheme. If you have any more questions regarding: what is NDIA, what is NDIS plan management or if you are looking for a registered plan management provider, connect with our team at Sky Plan Management today!

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